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Local HERO H135 Flight Crew Opportunity

Phoenix Heli-Flight has been operating from our Fort McMurray Base for more than 25 years supporting oilsands related projects and ensuring the people in the region have access to air medical transport services. In December 2012, Phoenix Heli-Flight committed to the acquisition of a 24 hour a day, seven day a week, H135 emergency services helicopter. Day operations commenced July 2013 with night vision goggle (NVG) operations becoming fully approved in December 2013. The Local HERO (Helicopter Emergency Rescue Organization) Foundation exists to promote and deliver 24/7 emergency helicopter services for the people of Northeastern Alberta.

Using the best aircraft, technologies and aviation practices we enable emergency personnel to respond quickly to medical emergencies.

Local HERO flight crews are full-time employees and rotate on a 3 weeks on/3 weeks off schedule, with both day and night shifts.

Local HERO is one of the few operators in Canada utilizing Night Vision Goggle technologies and has been an industry leader in the implementation of new technologies to enhance pilot awareness and enhance safe flight operations.

Flight Crew Qualifications:

-Canadian Commercial Helicopter Licence

-Canadian Group IV Instrument Rating

-Minimum of 3,000 helicopter flight hours

-Canadian night rating and 20 hours night unaided minimum

-NVG experience an asset and preferred

-H135 experience an asset and preferred

-Multi-engine helicopter experience an asset and preferred

-A criminal record check is a requirement for this position

-Applicants will require the ability to legally work within Canada

-Applicable references are required with resume submission.

-Preference will be given to qualified applicants that want to live in the community they work in

This posting expires August 31, 2017 and successfully screened applicants will be invited to our base for further interviews and flight testing.

Please contact me by email.

Thank you,

Darrel Peters – Chief Pilot


VFR Charter Pilots

Charter pilot hiring for the 2017 season has closed. Should you wish to submit your resume for future consideration we are seeking Canadian Licensed VFR pilots with experience on EC130/AS350. Applicants will require the ability to legally work within Canada.

Resumes MUST include ALL of the following:

  • Individual time on helicopter types
  • Total helicopter time
  • Areas of the world flown
  • Helicopter experience (fire suppression, seismic, vertical reference, etc)
  • Previous employers
  • References with contact information

Qualified applicants will be considered for in person interview and flight competency checks.

Contact me by email:

Thank you,

Darrel Peters, Chief Pilot